Writing goals for this year (a little later than expected)

I’ve had this title saved in my ‘Drafts’ folder for quite some time now. Its almost May and I still haven’t set out writing goals for myself for the year. This, I think, tells me everything I need to know. *I have no idea what I’m doing*.

It has also put things into perspective a little bit. If I have no set goals, then am I going to feel accomplished with my writing this year? No. Am I going to progress as much as I want? No. Am I going to run around aimlessly like a headless chicken and then question why nothing is happening? Yes.

I have known for the past 6 months or so that I am not giving myself enough time to write or be creative, which has lead to me finally downing my hours at work to make room for writing. I feel that I need to make it a bigger priority in my life- how am I supposed to achieve what I want without prioritising writing? (And making a list of writing goals).

The wonderful thing about goals is that they can be changed. I need to suck it up and put something on paper.

So here it goes…

My writing goals for this year:

  • Look over the scripts I wrote throughout my masters and edit them to make them better, using the knowledge I have now.
  • Enter some writing competitions.
  • Write a new play.
  • Read the top 30 plays ever written.


There we go. Simple. Modest. Achievable.





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