I have finally taken the leap


For the past five years I have been thinking about going travelling, but something always got in the way- money, work, uni or more predominantly not being able to organise a trip with someone who had the same interests as me.

Whether its been pestering boyfriends, friends or family I have tried to persuade a lot of people to come travelling or go on a holiday, but it has never seemed to happen. For them as well as myself, something has always seemed to take priority, leaving the travelling plans collecting dust on a shelf until I felt the undeniable urge to go away again.

My boyfriend recently organised a trip to Venice for my birthday, which due to circumstances out of our control, we could not go on. He hurt both of his legs quite badly, meaning that he can’t walk properly for a few months, let alone get on a plane and explore a new city. He is now healing and slowly getting better, but it was another set back in our travelling plans, as it means that he wont be able to travel this year.

This got me thinking, I have always envisaged travelling with somebody else by my side. I think I have depended on other people to make plans and take the lead. Since coming home from uni I have been working full time and feel like for the first time ever that I might be able to scrape some money together to be able to go away for a couple of weeks.

I started looking at tours in all different kinds of locations, and found one in Peru that I liked the look of in a few months time. Three weeks away, climbing Machu Picchu, sleeping in the Amazon Rainforest and taking a helicopter ride over The Nazca lines. It sounded perfect, but I didn’t have anyone to go with.

So I booked the flights and put down a deposit on the tour.

I’m going to Peru. I’m flying out by myself and meeting a tour group out there. I am terrified. But I have taken the leap and booked it, because its something I really want to do and I’m not waiting on anyone else to make the life I want happen.

Bring it on.



6 thoughts on “I have finally taken the leap

  1. Always Cleia says:

    You’ll have a great time! My husband and I are going to Peru for three weeks for the first time this fall, it sounds very similar to your tour! Rainforest, machu picchu, and sandboarding in the desert, I’m so excited!
    I can’t believe how different the different parts of the country are from each other too! It’s definitely an adventure.

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