My thoughts on turning 25 and the quarter life crisis #2: The “Why Not!” break through

As some of you may know, the quarter life crisis is hitting hard at the moment. But it has also provided the time and the space for a general spring-clean in all aspects of my life. I feel the winds of change everywhere I go, and I feel like something big is going to happen. Some things have changed in big ways, other things make subtle shifts every day like tectonic plates, that lead to a huge change sneaking up on you.

I had a thought the other day, that I have always been aware that I am getting older and that ageing is inevitable. But I don’t think I have considered what life will be like on a daily basis. What will I like doing? How will I spend my evenings? Which then made me think that all of these days that tick by, culminate one big experience. Everything present-day-me has been putting off just creates a long list of unfinished business for future-me to pick up, miss out on, or not have time for.

This brought me to the “Why-Not!” way of thinking. There are loads of things that I have wanted to pursue, read, try, fail at and hopefully succeed at, but for some reason I have never fully given them a go. Perhaps the fear of what people will think or perhaps my own barriers in my mind thinking I wouldn’t be good at it.

Instead of being good at things, or realising I am not good at things and stopping, I want to enjoy the process of learning new things, even if it does end in disaster. Life is one big flailing attempt at latching onto some kind of success, with many failures along the way. I want to put my energy into self growth, positive actions and thoughts and really getting to know myself as a human.

When I was younger I wanted to play guitar and key board and sing and dance and write and play and always have fun and try new things. Learning and trying your hand at something should be encouraged all throughout life, not just in your childhood. I don’t want to take myself seriously, I want to experience and experiment.

Everybody wants to be loved, be successful and be happy. Some people have a strange way of showing it, but I am going to focus on my own thing and just enjoy failing and trying and succeeding at things I enjoy.




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