Libraries are underrated

I am really appreciating quiet and reflective spaces of late, which includes my local library. Its always there as a sanctuary when I need to have one, treasuring books and keeping knowledge safe.

I used to love the library when I was little, so many books to choose from, all trying to leap off of the shelf to grab your attention, how could I possibly read them all?

yeovil library

Then when everyone goes through that awkward teenage stage the library is seen as an uncool place, because studying, knowledge and education isn’t part of the cool aesthetic, is it?

Now that I’ve come out of the education system I find myself coming here more and more, and appreciating having it as a place I can go to write. Unassuming, nonjudgemental and most importantly no TV or other distractions! It’s somewhere I can come alone.

I force myself to put my phone out of sight and not connect to their WiFi so the only thing I can have open is Word. It allows me to shake my procrastination and focus on what I need to get done.

And not to mention all the books on every subject in the world. My local library has a whole floor dedicated to theatre and drama, so that is very exciting for me. Long live the library! I hope it never closes.

Do you visit your local library? what’s your favourite place to write?

India x



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