How The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack has helped me as a writer

I owe a lot to The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack, so here’s a shout out to Howard Shore for composing one of the most epic soundtracks ever! There hasn’t been anything I have written in my twenties that hasn’t at some point been written to The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack. That’s a pretty bold claim, but I’ll tell you why.

I always thought I needed dead silence to be able to write or to concentrate – I would say “study” but I have never studied – but I was very wrong. When I moved into a house of ten people at uni, silence was never an option. I love Lord of the Rings and was very fond of The Hobbit book as a child, this fondness followed me into university and LOTR marathons were common place. But I don’t think I realised how much I liked the music until I used it to block out the noise of university halls.

I learnt something very interesting – I like classical music! And I don’t think its lame to say that! The Pirates of the Caribbean and LOTR are my favourite, but more recently I’ve been dabbling in different soundtracks, for instance I’m listening to the Ratatouille soundtrack as I write this, and its pretty great! Classical music allows my brain to enter into a creative state and it acts as a block to whatever distractions are around me.

I never thought that I would be into this kind of music, but that is probably a testament to my previous close mindedness on classical music, as I presumed it was all Beethoven and Mozart. But I realised I was missing out on some pretty cool stuff.

Another bonus to this is that it calms me down. I struggle to get off to sleep sometimes and have periods of anxiety, and calming music helps me to relax and switch off. Bring on more cool things I have overlooked!

Is there anything that you have recently discovered that you love that was rather unexpected?

India x



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