How I’m preparing for Peru – 4 Months to go




Hi Everyone,

The count down to my Peru trip has begun! It’s official because I’ve got a count down app on my phone, which makes me very excited but also a little nervous.

So here’s how I’m preparing for trekking up to see one of the wonders of the world…

  1. Getting fit!First of all, this is going to be one hell of a challenge and I’m quite nervous about being physically able to do it. I’m in reasonable shape, but could definitely do more to help myself.In January I started a 100 day challenge, which involved me including a lot more walking into my weekly routine. I would try and go every night, but would probably get 4 walks of around 3k in a week. Which was a lot more than usual, so that helped to build up my base level of fitness again.After this 100 day challenge ended I wanted to do something to keep on the fitness hype, so I decided to start running again and its been really nice getting back into it. My job involves me sitting down in an office for 9 hours a day, so coming home and running for a couple of miles helps to destress and also helps towards my goal of climbing Machu Picchu.

    I’ve also got a few hiking maps of my area which I plan to go on and should be fun to explore.
  2. I’m learning Spanish!This is definitely the most fun aspect of my preparation for Peru! I’ve got this app called ‘Duolingo’ and has this cute little green owl as its picture.18870988_10154995943244300_1013683200_n
    I’m really enjoying learning something new and in a really fun way, it asks you to listen, read, write, translate and speak the language you’re trying to learn and apparently I’m now 2% fluent! It’s a long way to go until I can have a full blown conversation, but I’m getting there and that’s the main thing.18927214_10154995890244300_1745257107_o

    It’s got loads of different categories and you’ve got to keep the strength bars full so you don’t forget words. I just love it and I hope I keep it up.


    This is the main focus at the moment, I need to pay off the rest of my tour and then I have a few months to save up for spending money and get my hiking boots and equipment. This is the tedious part of booking a trip, as it can be hard to maintain focus over a period of several months, but it’s going to be so worth it.


There we have it, my three main preparation points for my trip to Peru. If any of you guys have been to Peru or know any usual travelling/hiking/fitness tips, please throw them my way 🙂

India x









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