Today I saw the most beautiful flower 

Today I saw the most beautiful flower and it made me take stock once again and think about how I write. I’ve had some success lately with writing half of the play that I’ve been meaning to rewrite for ages, and I’ve been desperately trying to push for another magically productive day where I can finish it, which unfortunately hasn’t been happening.

In a previous post about writer’s block, I mention that there are two different modes: Input Mode and Output Mode. In order to output good content, you have to input all of the things that help you become inspired. As a writer you need to learn what your fuel is, what makes you tick, what gets the creative juices flowing?

We cannot expect our brains to gift us with groundbreaking material if we aren’t kind to it and feed it what it needs.

For me, it’s time in nature, exploring new things or places and reading. I was planning on sitting myself down for the majority of the day stressing about finishing the rest of this play, but then I saw this flower.


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