Writing challenge: ‘Sledge’ (eek my first one!)

Hey everyone,

I have finally been brave enough to share something that I wrote for a writing challenge competition that I entered. The word was ‘Sledge’. Let me know what you think in the comments below. 


She never did like liars. And now she hated red. Sarah could see straight through that cheap fabric and false drollness now. She had been betrayed.

Sarah had grown up in an orphanage; spending most of her time alone as a child, she developed obsessions. Hiding behind her vivid imagination, she used escapism to free her mind from the constant sense of loss she felt, choosing to find something, anything, that would give her hope.

December could have been a particularly upsetting time for a girl without family, but not for Sarah. Sarah believed. Santa was going to be arriving soon on his sleigh, to take her away to live at The North Pole with the elves. She wrote him a letter and asked for it to be posted.

On Christmas Eve, Sarah decided that she wanted to personally give Santa a cookie and a carrot, so he would remember her. Outside, she heard the sound of Christmas music distorted by the winter wind. She ran to the window to devour the sight of him. Well, he looked less decadent than she had imagined, but times were hard for everyone. The sleigh was more of a sledge-on top of a truck. Where were the reindeer?

Sarah rushed to the kitchen, not altogether put out by the humble man in red. She stopped in her tracks as she noticed the cook leaning over the open fire, throwing paper into the blaze.

“Oh, you frightened me, dear.” The cook said as she tried to hide the fire with her figure.

It was too late. Sarah had seen the singed paper with her handwriting on. She grabbed a sledgehammer and walked out of the front door.

“Santa?” A small boy said as he pressed his face closer to the frosty windowpane and squinted his eyes to focus on the jolly old man on the makeshift sledge.

“Hey, Santa. I’ve got a present for you” Sarah said and she walked out in front of the sledge.

Sarah didn’t like liars, but she had found her new favourite shade of red.


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