Writer’s create their own luck!

Hey everyone,

I cannot believe that it has almost been a year since I have moved home from university! A year at home has flown past compared to the long drawn out university year. Here’s a bit of a catch up and also my thoughts on writer’s creating their own luck.

I had a mini melt down half way through this year, worrying about what I was doing and what direction I was going in and my answer to that pressure I was putting on myself was to book a trip to Peru and save all my money for the next four/five months and essentially run away from all my problems.

I do think getting away from everything for a while will help me gain perspective on my life and what direction to take, I’ve got two months left and then I’m off! But after I booked the trip I soon realised that life will be there waiting for me when I come back and nothing will have changed unless I create a change.

My long term solution was to earn some money and move to Bristol, which is a much more arty area than the one I live in. I thought that I could go to Bristol and be surrounded by opportunities and culture and art, and that is still my plan at some point. However, there is going to be an extended period of time while I am earning and saving money, after my Peru trip where I wont be in my dream city.

I decided that instead of putting everything on hold until I can be where I want to be, to start creating my own luck. I spent a few very productive days at my laptop sending off emails, pitching articles, offering to volunteer my time in exchange for experience and talking to new people and people I knew before uni. Nothing happened for a while and I waited for things to come back to me.

Waiting for a response is the bread an butter of a writer’s life. You may have heard that writer’s wait around a lot, but you wont believe it or understand the amount of waiting until you launch your wonderful self on the world.

Then in the space of a few weeks everything changed. Just when I thought I had a plan, life deals you a new set of cards and makes you rethink everything. Also what they may not tell you is that you can’t ever announce anything as soon as you find out. You have to wait for it to become ‘official’ and then ‘official official’ and then even on the day its happening you think ‘maybe they’ll change their minds’.

All I can say is that there are some very exciting things on the cards at the moment. Pleasepleaseplease don’t let them change their minds! 

You may think that some writer’s get lucky or are lucky to know the right people. But I can guarantee nothing different is going to happen if you don’t try anything different. Do your research and be relentless. If, like me, your dream is exactly that – a dream, what can you do to change that? It will take all of your energy and effort, but when you get results it will be so worth it.


My two favourite phrases:

‘Fortune favours the bold!’

‘You don’t ask, you don’t get!’


Be bold, be brave, ask! Never settle and never let go of your dream.

India x


One thought on “Writer’s create their own luck!

  1. A.P. says:

    I needed to read that, and also to internalize both of your two favorite sayings, tonight. Fortune does indeed favor the bold! Good luck, and my you always be emboldened to receive that which you truly desire and need.

    Liked by 1 person

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