2 Months until my Peru adventure

Hey Everyone,

It is now 2 months until my trip to PERU!! Can you tell I’m excited? I bought two things that I think are going to make my life a lot easier whilst scaling Machu Picchu – a good pair of walking boots and a comfy backpack.

I made sure that I tried on the boots and the backpack before purchasing as i didn’t want any unwelcome surprises whilst up a mountain. I went into North Face to try on the boots, and they were £145, expensive

20623403_10155193624004300_206247026_o (1)

Pretty cool box! And yes that is a Game of Thrones puzzle underneath. #NoJudgement

…But then I got the name of them and did a little online research and I found them on offer in a shop nearby for £85, yeeeeees. Love a cheeky saving. They’ve got nice and high ankle guards on them, and a mould around the heel that aligns your foot to keep it straight while you tackle tricky terrain. They’re also purple.


20629367_10155193624129300_1564051431_o (1)

This backpack is the comfiest thing ever. I tried it on and it was a clear winner. All of the other backpacks were bulky or had annoying bits that push down on your neck and head. If it was annoying me in the shop, with air bags in it, then imagine how annoying its gonna be carrying it every day for a month. This one had really padded straps on the shoulders and also on the hips.

20641378_10155193624249300_1853435891_o (1)

Look how cute it is

It may be a little smaller than some of the other ones, but I really like it. This one I also managed to get for a bargain. It was £70 in the shop and I found it on sale online for £50.

There are so many more things I need to buy, but I thought this was a good start. Also, can’t believe how expensive injections are??

I’ll keep you posted on any other bargains/bits and pieces I buy. Not long now!

India x





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