Hello Everyone,

My name is India and I live in Somerset in England. I have loved theatre since I was seven years old, when my mum took me to London to see The Lion King at the West End. I took the inspiration from that show and started acting at the weekends, a few years later I opened a show at The Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London, singing solo.

I carried on acting and performing into adulthood and studied Drama at University. In my final year I discovered that I had a talent for writing and directing plays, which led to me getting a scholarship for my masters degree.

Now I’m Playwright with a first class Masters degree in Scriptwriting. I also enjoy writing scripts for TV, Film and Radio. My first radio play receiving four stars in The Bath Fringe Festival.

My goal for the future is to be able to sustain myself with writing, and to branch out into other forms of writing. I really enjoy reading and editing scripts and would love to get into script and talent development for Theatre, TV or Film.

This blog will document my postgraduate life and how I’m trying to figure out the next steps to create the life I want, doing the thing I love the most.

(I’m also a full time glitter fanatic and like to take pretty pictures from time to time).